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Improving the

A Guide for Physicians & Medical Students

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Find out how to develop better relationship with your patients and how to attract and keep more of them.

In this book the authors have captured essential aspects explaining the fundamentals underlying the communications between the doctor and his patient. The main idea expressed in this practical and insightful manual is that the healing process must first take place in the physician’s consciousness. The power of love in the doctor’s life is well presented by Dr. Richards and Dr. Siles. There is a strong conviction in their minds that ultimately all the endeavors in the medical profession, and the world as well, must be permeated by the sense of LOVE.
I firlmly believe that the reader will benefit from the teachings of this book. Anyone who truly understands its empathetic message will not be the same at the end of its reading.

Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.,
Author of "Love is Letting Go of Fear"